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Bathsheba Smithen

Also known as ProfoundThought, Bathsheba has been acclaimed a first rate thinker, by world-renowned poet, Dr. Nikki Giovanni. Interwoven in the fabric of her writing is not only transparency and vulnerability but spirituality combined with a personal story that creates a voice of freedom. She views herself as a "poetic advocate" for the people by fusing real life experiences, culture, and love into her performances.

Born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Bathsheba Smithen is an International Baccalaureate diploma recipient, a graduate of An Achievable Dream Academy, and a Mary Hughes-Harley Davidson and McNair Scholar. She is also a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Biology and holds a Masters in Health Systems Management from George Mason University. She has overcome various struggles of adversity including but not limited to: poverty, homelessness and the abandonment of her parents as a teen, and having raised two teenage boys (both now in college) before she herself turned 26. Sheba connects readily with the disenfranchised, offering them hope by teaching both social and academic skills through her lessons, writing, and performance. Her creative memoir, Who Cares What You Think...So What You Think? A Journey Through the Mind, takes readers on the common journey from anger, disappointment, and hopelessness, to love, forgiveness, and peace. A companion book of her poetry entitled, No Longer Hidden as well as the sequel to the first; What Happens to Them When You Change, were released in 2013. More on her books in Literature.

She is the Founder and CEO of Cage Free Voices (CFV), is an educational entertainment company that educates youth and young adults (ages 13-25) who struggle with self-image and identity. Among the many specialized programs, CFV offers music, radio, journalism and poetry workshops, conferences and seminars. Programs are designed to improve rates of literacy for disengaged youth and those with special education needs. CFV offers curricula that not only focus on phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency and creative writing but provides a platform for artistic expression. For more information, visit Cage Free Voices website.an entertainment company located in Washington, D.C., that seeks to educate youth and young adults who struggle with self-image and identity through literature, spoken-word, workshops, conferences, seminars, music and events. For more information visit the Cage Free Voices website.


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Let's Get It Rockin'

Available on both itunes and amazon.

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Need to be Free fea. Elbie Williams

Available for download on Soundcloud.

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Available for download on Soundcloud

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What Happens to "Them" When You Change

Author: Bathsheba Smithen   |   Publisher: The ProfoundThought Press   |   ISBN: 978-0-615-85388-8

How do you feel about Change? Is Change the lover you relate to intimately and trust with your very life? A friend you're happy to see now and then but from whom you sometimes need time apart? Or an enemy you fear and keep at a distance? Such heart-wrenching and soul-probing questions bring reader and author alike to a place of enlightenment, deepened relationships, and . . . change. But it can be a long journey from there to here. Hate change. Embrace chaos. Love hate. Fulfill pleasure. And if possible, cultivate envy until it breaks through the walls of your desperately desirous heart. Bathsheba Smithen adopts these principles in order to survive, until things go from bad to worse. When her father, who is also a pastor, suddenly dies of a heart attack eight years after she saw him last, she is left to deal with the clash of emotions between his two rivaling families and -hardest of all- within herself. Issues spin out of control at his funeral, and in the aftermath, so does Sheba's life. To cope with her grief over what was and what might (should) have been between a dad and a daughter, the simultaneous abandonment by her mother, financial struggles, and her new role as legal guardian to two teenage siblings, she must entrust herself to an uncertain hope, even if it means losing some of the people she loves and the habits she has long relied on. She must accept Change. By sharing her own experiences transparently, Bathsheba hopes to support others who find themselves where she once was -on a dead-end street. What Happens to Them When You Change is an offering of the heart, through which the author aims to help bridge the gap between the change you seek and the resources you need in order to make -or let- change happen. This creatively written memoir will give the helpless teen a shoulder to cry on, the step-mother a listening ear, and the black sheep of the family a will to come back home. As the nightmare fades, the only thing loud is the silence. Will the reader accept the freedom Change brings or remain wed to the shackles of destructive habits -the "Them" of the title? Unique in style, this book goes beyond a narrative of the author's life to examine the process of change that touches us all. Change, along with other unexpected characters, is memorably personified as part of the author's experience, offering the reader a visual of his or her emotions as well. The subject matter here is universal, with the power to inspire people of all nationalities, ethnicities, and walks of life.

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No Longer Hidden

Author: Bathsheba Smithen   |   Publisher: The ProfoundThought Press   |   ISBN: 978-0-615-73094-3

No Longer Hidden is an account of my journey through life, captured in metaphorical images and lyrical format. Poetry permits a person to see through a kaleidoscopic lens as the sequence of life events presents challenges that would be unbearable if not written in melodic form. Where the book serves as a cutting board for me, a space for dissecting my innermost feelings, it is also an entree served to the reader, since one may be able to absorb secret truths as he or she ingests each piece of poetry.

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Who Cares What You Think...So What You Think? A Journey Through the Mind

Author: Bathsheba Smithen   |   Publisher: The ProfoundThought Press   |   ISBN: 978-0-615-44623-3

The debut book by Bathsheba Smithen invites readers along as she, at the age of 25, confronts the harsh realities of her existence-the product of adultery between her mother and a married pastor; growing up as one of twelve children; and being molested in early adolescence. Who Cares What You Think...So What You Think? is an urban, creative memoir that concerns the emotional struggles of a young woman who finds it difficult to embrace her identity in the midst of an often judgmental society. The book serves as a journey through the author's mind, revealing the natural tendency of human beings to develop coping mechanisms-sometimes seemingly opposite ones-to deal with personal issues and societal pressures. Often we desire to be unique, but that feeling is overturned by conflicting emotions and the need to be accepted.


   Tel: (301) 730-0206
   Email: info.bathshebasmithen@gmail.com
   Website: www.bathshebasmithen.com
   Visit CFV: www.cagefreevoices.com

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